Insurance, finance & legal
BDO Canada LLP
P.O. Box 3010
Dryden ON, P8N 3G3
Phone: 807-223-5321
Fax: 807-223-2978
BMO Bank of Montreal
61 Front St
Sioux Lookout, ON, P8T 1B1
Phone: 807-737-1860
Fax: 807-737-3036
P.O. Box 189
50 Front Street
Sioux Lookout, ON P8T 1A3
Phone: 807-737-2331

Gillons Insurance Brokers Ltd.

76 Front Street
P.O. Box 114

Sioux Lookout ON, P8T 1A8
Phone: 807-737-1818
Fax: 807-737-2153

Ivy Assist by Jen Hall
423 7th Ave
Kenora ON, P9N 2G1
Phone: 807-464-0433

Keewatin-Aski Ltd.
51 Queen Street
P.O. Box 510

Sioux Lookout ON, P8T 1A8
Phone: 807-737-3858
Fax: 807-737-3875

Law Office of Kevin W. Romyn
P.O. Box 99
69 Queen St
Sioux Lookout, ON, P8T 1A1
Phone: 807-737-2562
Fax: 807-737-2571

McAuley & Partners
34 Front Street, Sioux Lookout ON
P.O. Box 159, Dryden ON, P8N 2T8
Phone: 807-223-2254
Fax: 807-223-3794

Nexus Community Credit Union Ltd.
42 King Street
Box 429, Sioux Lookout ON, P8T 1A5
Phone: 807-737-1567
Fax: 807-737-2136

Northwest Business Centre
227 Second Street
Kenora ON, P9N 1G1
Phone: 807-467-4643
Toll Free: 866-336-7779

Ontario Sunset Country Travel Association 

114 Main Street,

P.O. Box 647
Kenora ON, P9N 3X6

Phone: 807-468-5853

Fax: 807-468-5484

The Standard Insurance Brokers Ltd.
34 Front Street
P.O. Box 87, Sioux Lookout ON, P8T 1A1
Phone: 807-737-2550
Fax: 807-737-1614

Sioux Lookout Travel Information Centre
11 First Avenue South

Sioux Lookout, Ontario P8T 1A8


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